At the foothills of the Alhambra Palace and Sierra Nevada in Granada, the city that Bill Clinton said had the most beautiful sunset in the world, is the olive farm “Cortijo el Pozo”. Our collection of olive trees -more than half of them exceed two hundred years old  have influenced the history of Granada as an enclave city of Christian, Jewish and Muslim culture.

The “Olive” came to these Andalusian lands in Phoenician times and intensified its cultivation in Roman times; The Romans even transported the precious treasure of Spanish Olive Oil to Imperial Rome.

The Arabs also maintained the tradition of olive growing in Andalusia so the landscape of southern Spain is largely an immense tapestry formed by perfectly aligned olive trees.

Granada, which was the capital of the Nazari Kingdom during the Middle Ages, is located in southern Spain and is part of Andalusia, where 60% of Spain’s olive oil is produced. This makes our country the largest olive oil producer in the world, reaching 50% of total production.

The “Cortijo el Pozo” farm has been part of our Garcia-Creus family for 5 generations. The new generations have continued with the tradition of caring for olive trees, and we do it with the care taught to us by our ancestors.

We have been expanding over the years with great effort and dedication.

Guillermo Garcí­a-Creus, being the one who has reached the maximum title of specialization in olive management, is referred to as “Oliviculture Specialist”

Century Olives

The main goal of the family has always been to obtain extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, but caring for olive trees and maintaining the environment is a top priority.

We prioritize quality over quantity.

This motivates us to deliver to everyone the best, most authentic extra virgin olive oil.

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