Century Olives

is a project that was established from the care of its founders, the García-Creus family, who for 5 generations have been the owners of a beautiful olive plantation: "Cortijo El Pozo", located in the province of Granada.

Granada is

a southern province located in Andalusia Spain, where almost 50% of the worlds production of olive oil is produced.

Century Olives

was born as a solidarity project, whose objective is to protect and nuture more than 10,000 bicentennial and centenary olive trees. These trees require much more responsibility than young olive trees and their production is much lower, so their maintenance is more expensive. For this reason, we are launching an ambitious initiative: we want to care for these centuries-old olive trees, they are our natural heritage yet we need help: WE CAN NOT DO IT ALONE.


A majority of our olives are native to Spain, this includes Picual, Hojiblanca and Picudo; each of them with properties that give the extra virgin olive oil its unique aroma and flavor.

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We prioritize quality over quantity. This motivates us to deliver to everyone the best, most authentic extra virgin olive oil. Click here and contact us for more information.


Download our application so that you can efficiently learn more about our Spanish olive history, taste and become the sponsor of a centennial olive tree.


We look for godparents

who want to join our project because together we can preserve these olive trees that are destined to disappear.