Adopt an Olive Tree

The original Olive Tree adoption Program. Supporting farmers for over 10 years.

Harvest is here! Now is your chance to receive the freshest extra virgin olive oil from Granada, Spain directly to your table.

Ways to adopt a Century Olive Tree

In appreciation for your contribution to adopt an olive tree, you will receive 8 bottles of half a liter of extra virgin olive oil to the address that you request, or to another person as you wish. The olive oil will be delivered in two annual boxes of 4 half-liter bottles in the month of June and December.

To receive the first delivery you must be a minimum active member of 6 months and renew your subscription.

Olive Oil is the perfect gift to send your friends, family, or clients as a thank you or just to show you care. Century Olives can create custom gift packages with personalized messages to let them know that they are appreciated. The gift of olive oil is a healthy alternative that will help you make a lasting impression.

Risks and challenges

Here are some things to consider that everyone should know.

1. A limited amount of trees are available. While we’d love to deliver as much olive oil as we can, through this Adoption Program we can only do a finite amount. If successful, we may be able to contact neighboring farmers to assist us in getting more olive trees.

2. Farmers are not able to predict the harvest. It is not possible to forecast the amount of liters of olive oil that can be produced per grove. To predict this, we can rely on historical data to get a sense of the “base” amount of olive oil we can expect during each year’s harvest. But of course, Mother Nature is tricky and can throw us a curve ball. In the worst case scenario, we are willing to refund your money if we cannot provide product based on natural circumstances.

3. There may be shipping delays from Spain. We love the farmers we work with as they are truly dedicated to making high quality extra virgin olive oil. While they are aware of the Adoption Program and the rush in work it could cause, we’d love to be more than honest and say that shipping delays might occur since we’re being very ambitious about the start and end times of this program. In the event of any/all issues, we’ll be 100% in contact with you by email.

Nutrition Facts

Portion (14 g)**
per 100 g
119 kcal
884 kcal
0 g
0 g
0 g
0 g
Total Fat
14 g
100 g
1,8 g
13 g
0 g
0 g
11 g
79 g
1,2 g
9 g
0 mg
0 mg
1 mg
7 mg
Vitamin E
3 mg
20 mg
(30% CDR*)
(200% CDR*)

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